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Software Specification

LUSAS Bridge

A feature-rich, bridge analysis system for all types of general analysis with beam, shell and solid elements.

Analysis capabilities

  • Linear static stress analysis
  • Linear buckling
  • Linear cable tuning
  • Natural frequency / eigen analysis
  • Linear dynamics including forced response
  • Interactive Model Dynamics
  • Fatigue analysis

Includes these software options for new orders:

  • Fast solvers
  • Vehicle load optimisation

And when used with these purchased software options also allows:

  • Steel frame design
  • RC frame design
  • Steel and composite deck design to Eurocodes
  • Advanced Interactive Modal Dynamics (IMD Plus)

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  • All elements, material models, modelling, analysis and results processing capabilities included in LUSAS Bridge LT

And in addition:

  • An advanced high-performance element library including:
  • Bars
  • Thick and thin beams
  • Grillage
  • Plane stress/strain continuum
  • Axisymmetric solid continuum
  • Solid continuum
  • Plate flexure (thick + thin)
  • Flat thin membranes
  • Flat thick + thin shells
  • Axisymmetric membranes
  • Axisymmetric thin shells
  • Generalised joint/springs/gaps
  • Advanced material models including:
  • Isotropic including plastic, creep, damage, shrinkage, viscous, two-phase
  • Orthotropic including plastic, creep, damage, shrinkage, viscous, two-phase
  • Anisotropic and rigidity models
  • Temperature dependency
  • General 
  • Multiple model and results viewing windows
  • Multiple Treeframe capability
  • Advanced LUSAS solver options
  • Import / export of CAD, LUSAS, and other data formats
  • Picture saving to BMP, JPG, WMF formats
  • Selection memory facility
  • Browse and cycle screen selections
  • LUSAS Programmable Interface (LPI) command bar
  • Geometry creation
  • Point, line, surface and volume geometry creation
  • Extended geometry construction options including splines, tangents, sweeping, intersecting, manifolding, merging etc.
  • Merge geomtery facility
  • Shape wizard
  • Boolean geometry creation including intersections, unions, subtraction and slicing of model data
  • Slice through geometry
  • Attributes
  • Point, line, surface and volume mesh creation
  • Point joint elements
  • Standard steel section libraries for selected countries
  • User-defined line, surface and joint geometric properties
  • User-defined orthotropic, anisotropic, joint, rigidities, mass and specialised material properties
  • Extended structural supports including hinge rotation and pore water pressure
  • Extended structural loadings including face, stress and strain, initial velocity and acceleartion, prescribed velocity and acceleration
  • Constraint equations
  • Thermal surfaces
  • Retained freedoms
  • Damping
  • Influence facility
  • Search areas
  • Age facility
  • Design strength plotting facility
  • Utilities
  • Mesh lock facility
  • Transformation datasets
  • Variations
  • Fatigue
  • Interactive Modal Dynamics
  • Design factor plotting
  • Fourier analysis
  • Background meshing grid facility
  • Slice sections in 3D
  • Automatic arbitrary section property calculator
  • Precast concrete sections for selected countries
  • Bridge specific features
  • Grillage wizard
  • Precast sections of country-specific concrete beams
  • Box section generator
  • Static vehicle, lane, and knife edge loading for selected country codes
  • Moving load generator
  • Vehicle load optimisation interface
  • Linear cable tuning facility
  • Influence analysis capability
  • Prestress / Post-tensioning facility
  • Rail track analysis link
  • RC slab / wall design facility to indicate flexural reinforcement requirements
  • Steel and composite deck design link
  • Calculation of crack widths to EN1992-1
  • Construction table facility

LUSAS Bridge software options

Included for new orders:

Fast Multifrontal Solvers

  • Fast Multifrontal Direct Solver
  • Fast Multifrontal Block Lanczos Eigensolver
  • Complex Eigensolver
  • Fast Parallel Direct Solver
  • Fast Parallel Iterative Solver

Vehicle Load Optimisation

  • Rapidly reduces load assessment times
  • Extends vehicle loading capabilities of LUSAS Bridge
  • Identifies critical vehicle and train (rail) loading patterns for a selected design code

Available for purchase to increase the analysis and design capabilities of LUSAS Bridge:

Steel Frame Design

  • Design code-based results visualised as Utilisation ratios on members
  • Design summary results produced for selected members and loadcases
  • Generate formatted design reports, showing calculations made and referencing clauses and equations from chosen code

RC Frame Design

  • Design checking of regular and arbitrary shaped reinforced concrete members subject to bending and axial force
  • Design code-based results visualised as Utilisation ratios on members
  • Produce a tabular summary of results for selected members and loadcases, view detailed results and generate interation diagrams

Steel and Composite Deck Designer

  • Carries out design checks for multiple sections on steel/composite bridge decks to the Eurocodes

IMDplus Analysis

  • Multiple event assessment
  • Linear dynamics effects

LUSAS Bridge upgrade options

LUSAS Bridge plus specification

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Software Information

  Bridge / Bridge plus
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green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Geotechnical / Soil-structure modelling
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Analysis and design
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  Bridge LT
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  Choosing software
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green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Arch bridges
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Major crossings
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Soil-Structure Interaction Modelling

  Additional information
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Linear and nonlinear buckling analysis
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Curved girder analysis
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Integral or jointless bridges
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Post-tensioning
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Concrete modelling
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) Interactive Modal Dynamics
green_arrow.gif (94 bytes) LUSAS Programmable Interface (LPI)

  General information
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