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LUSAS Bridge is used by engineers worldwide for all types of footbridge design. 

These case studies show illustrative uses of the software, with the most recently added article at the top. Country flags relate to the project's location.

Dawlish Station Footbridge

  • Design and analysis of the first Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composite bridge installed at a mainline station in the UK that, on completion, became the first Grade II listed FRP bridge.

"LUSAS is my first-choice tool for any of the structural analysis we do. For the non-standard work we undertake we need a general-purpose finite element analysis package that is not narrowly tailored to a particular market segment. LUSAS fulfils that role, letting us analyse and design with materials or for applications not yet well defined in civil engineering codes."

Ian Smith, Director, Tony Gee and Partners

Red Gate Pedestrian Bridge

  • Design of a novel cable stayed pedestrian bridge that is suspended from the piers of a road bridge, involving staged erection analysis, assessment of extreme loading events, and pedestrian footfall analysis.

"Using LUSAS allowed us to accurately capture the behaviour of a very complex structure that included a curved and skewed alignment with cables that had both vertical and lateral inclinations."

Hossam Abdou, Vice President, Alfred Benesch and Company.

Olympic Park Bridges

  • Elastic critical bucking and nonlinear analysis of an exceptionally slender steel tied arch footbridge with steel plate hangers and a single-span integral highway bridge of composite steel box girder construction.

Using LUSAS, Atkins found that existing industry and codified guidance was not always sufficient to ensure that a structure with unusual buckling behaviour was correctly modelled and the behaviour correctly accounted for. 

MediaCityUK Footbridge

  • Design of a visually stunning, asymmetric cable-stayed pedestrian swing bridge.

MediaCityUK Footbridge is an asymmetric, cable-stayed, pedestrian swing bridge whose form and function was dictated by site constraints. The bridge comprises two spans: a main span, approximately 65m in length, which traverses the shipping channel of the Canal, and a 18m flared concrete-filled back span that forms the counterweight to balance the asymmetric spans during opening,

Navvies Bridge

  • Outline design and Category III design check to Eurocodes of a replacement cycle / footbridge involving linear and nonlinear buckling analyses and dynamic analyses for pedestrian and crowd loading.

"We used modal and transient dynamic analyses to ensure that the response of the structure would remain within the acceptable limits given by EN 1990, using pedestrian excitations from the UK National Annex to EN1991-2."

Antonio Di Caprio, Project Engineer, Capita Symonds.

Bagley Street Pedestrian Bridge

  • Staged construction analysis involving post-tensioning, creep and shrinkage of a footbridge with a unique asymmetric design and asymmetry in two major planes.

"Modelling each stage of construction in LUSAS facilitated accurate geometry control and allowed us to confidently monitor the pylon bending demands."

John Boschert, Structural Engineer, Genesis Structures

New Mizen Head Footbridge

  • Structural assessment of historical ageing concrete through-arch structure and a staged construction analysis of a new replacement structure constructed during the sequential demolition of existing structure
"It was a very interesting project, not only because of its complexity, but because of the project timescale we used variations of our LUSAS model for assessment, design and construction over a period of 10 years."

Kieran Ruane, Technical Director, RPS Consulting Engineers Ltd.

Redhayes Bridge

  • Detailed linear, noninear and pedestrian moving-load and steady-state analysis to assist in the development of the first major highway infrastructure project designed and constructed to Eurocodes in the UK.
This 82m span twin-arch bowstring bridge was developed with the aid of LUSAS bridge analysis software and on completion was believed to be the first major highway infrastructure project designed and constructed to Eurocodes in the UK.

Ponte della Musica

  • Natural frequency, forced vibration analysis and nonlinear buckling analysis of a steel arch pedestrian bridge.

"In addition to using LUSAS for dynamic analysis of the structure; for both natural frequency and forced vibration, we also used it to perform nonlinear bucking analysis of the two large arches as well as for the design of sections using output derived under static load combinations, for both trams and buses, and also for large crowd loading."

Davood Liaghat, Bridge Team Leader at Buro Happold

Cathedral Green Footbridge

  • Design assistance, thermal assessment, and development of construction method for a cable stayed swing footbridge with a cranked back span.

Cathedral Green Footbridge is an award-winning pedestrian and cycle cable-stayed swing bridge. It has a 30m main span and an 18m cranked back-span that  counterbalances the main deck. The bridge rotates on a pintle bearing, with a central wheel to support its weight and swings to one side automatically when the river is in flood.

Analysis and design of footbridges for the Dubai Metro

  • 3D modelling and eigenvalue analysis of a large number of steel truss footbridges to derive mode shapes and mass participation factors to assist with their design.

"The use of a modular design approach in conjunction with detailed LUSAS analyses of the main footbridge types enabled us to design the large number of footbridges required for the project in a very timely and efficient manner."

David A Smith, Regional Head of Bridge Engineering, Atkins

Baker Bridge

  • Staged construction modelling of a low-cost footbridge with time step analysis of pedestrian crowd loading

Baker Bridge is an excellent example of a practical but eye-catching cable stayed footbridge designed for rapid erection and for a relatively low overall cost. LUSAS Bridge analysis software was used to assist with the design of the bridge by modelling all stages of the construction sequence.

Wichita's Riverfront Footbridges

  • Staged erection analysis of two complex post-tensioned bridge structures involving 3D linear and nonlinear analysis and cable tensioning optimisation.
"We used LUSAS Bridge exclusively for the erection engineering of the Wichita Bridges and obtained excellent correlation between the on-site cable stayed measurements and the values that LUSAS predicted for lift-off"

Dr. David Byers, President, Genesis Structures

Pilsen Footbridge

  • Analysis and assessment of the behaviour of a dynamically sensitive footbridge to pedestrian loading with and without the installation of a tuned mass damper.

"By using LUSAS we obtained a good correlation of the measured frequencies and successfully designed and tested a tuned mass damper to restrict deck movement for all the pedestrian loadings that were considered." 

Milan Kalný, Technical Director, Pontex Consulting Engineers Ltd.

Helix Bridge, Paddington Basin

  • Static analysis of a steel and glass retractable footbridge

"Finite element analysis with LUSAS was essential on this project and proved that the differential movement between the glass and the steel helix was within the strain limits of the silicon adhesive."

Phil Snowsil, Senior Design Engineer, Davy Markham

Bellmouth Passage swing bridges
  • Analysis of construction process and installation of glass and steel swing footbridges with calculation of pre-camber required to ensure correct closure

"Analysis with LUSAS was needed in order to calculate the amount of pre-camber required to ensure closure due to a 120mm deflection along the length of the cantilever span."

Phil Snowsil, Senior Design Engineer, Davy Markham

Greenside Place Link Bridge

  • Static, nonlinear buckling and natural frequency analysis of a tubular steel lattice footbridge

"Because of the complex nature of the structure and its S-shaped form, it would not have been possible for us to be sure of the exact stresses and forces in the helical members without the use of LUSAS."

Iva Trifkovich, Bridge Engineer, Buro Happold Consulting Engineers

Novi Sad Friendship Bridge

Novi Sad Friendship Bridge

  • Global and local analyses of a cable stayed swing footbridge
"Using LUSAS was the only viable way of analysing the structure for the multitude of loadcases that had to be considered - in effect, we couldn't have done it any other way."

Karim Yngstrom, Buro Happold

Glass Bridge, Coventry

  • Eigenvalue analysis of a spiral-ramped tubular steel footbridge
LUSAS finite element analysis was used to investigate the response of the structure and in particular to ascertain the modes of vibration for the 40m-long unsupported length of the spiral section.

Gateshead Millennium Bridge

  • Staged construction and nonlinear dynamic analysis of a cable stayed opening footbridge

"Using LUSAS was essential on the design of this bridge because a full 3D staged construction analysis to model the construction sequence, and a step-by-step integration with large angles, to model the opening and closing sequence was required."

Shapour Mehrkar-Asl, Project Engineer, Ramboll

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