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Case Studies - Box and Girder Bridges

LUSAS Bridge is used by engineers worldwide for all types of box and girder bridge design. 

These case studies show illustrative uses of the software, with the most recently added article at the top. Country flags relate to the project's location.


Currie Road Bridge

  • Detailed modelling of a single span half-through steel girder railway underbridge with a 50 degree skew to reduce number of deck bearings used and assist with checks to specific design codes.

"Generating a full 3D finite element model using LUSAS allowed us to complete the design rapidly and efficiently, and optimize the section sizes with high precision." 

Dr Fabien Rollet, Senior Engineeer, Atkins

DART Blue Line Extension

  • Design of bridges on a 4.75 mile light rail extension involving rail track-structure interaction analysis of two multi-span precast concrete beam structures and the analysis of a steel through girder span.

"An independent verification of the thermal interaction results obtained using LUSAS for the Rowlett Creek bridge was carried out by engineers in another Gannett Fleming office using different software. The results were strikingly similar, verified the LUSAS modelling method, and illustrated just how efficient LUSAS is at modelling track-structure interaction effects for these types of bridges."

Eric Dues, Principal Engineer, Gannett Fleming Engineers and Architects, P.C

West Gate Bridge Upgrade

  • Strengthening of a major steel box girder bridge for additional traffic loading, by cantilever propping, internal stiffening, and post-tensioning; and management of construction loads.

"Having a single global shell model meant that there was no need to worry about specifying boundary conditions or applying suitable loading as would be required for looking at regions of the structure using separate localised models, and this was a big plus."

Peter Robinson, Project Engineer, Flint & Neill

Bagley Street Pedestrian Bridge

  • Staged construction analysis involving post-tensioning, creep and shrinkage of a footbridge with a unique asymmetric design and asymmetry in two major planes.

"Modelling each stage of construction in LUSAS facilitated accurate geometry control and allowed us to confidently monitor the pylon bending demands."

John Boschert, Structural Engineer, Genesis Structures

Mersey Gateway Bridge

  • Analysis of an illustrative design of a 3-tower cable stayed bridge using line beam modelling to investigate global effects and a staged construction analysis to prove the design.
Ramboll was appointed Lead Consultant and Project Manager by Halton Borough Council to carry out a route identification study and illustrative design for a new crossing of the River Mersey in the UK. To assist with its development of the proposed new bridge Gifford used LUSAS bridge analysis software to carry out analytical studies to prove its draft design.

Analysis and design of Avenues Walk Flyover

  • Detailed 3D analysis including investigation of lower lateral bracing requirements and uplift analysis of one of the longest and most highly curved single span girder bridges in the world.

“LUSAS proved to be a valuable tool for the project. We especially enjoyed the ability to model the various stages of construction and in-service loading."

Samuel N. Spear, GAI Consultants

Making the most of Eurocodes for critical buckling analysis

  • Investigations into the implications of UK engineers changing to Eurocodes for bridge design and comparison of analysis of first and second order effects for critical buckling analysis.

"Not only did the nonlinear LUSAS model give results almost identical to the actual physical test specimen but it also showed that the EN 1993-1-5 rules for stiffeners were very conservative for this particular beam, and the BS 5400 Part 3 predictions even more so."

Chris Hendy, Head of Bridge Design and Technology, Atkins

Semi-automated design of composite bridge decks

  • User-created wizards to speed-up composite bridge deck modelling, composite cross-section property calculation, and design checking to Italian codes of practice.

"Many composite bridges have been analysed by Alhambra using LUSAS Bridge, and in doing so the number and quality of the wizards created and used for this purpose has increased so that they have now become a very productive modelling tool."

Carlo Margheriti, Manager, Alhambra srl

Cable stayed bridge over the River Labe at Nymburk

  • Detailed 3D modelling to analyse live load effects on a longitudinally prestressed extradosed bridge with good correlation being obtained with static and dynamic load tests.

"By using LUSAS on this project we obtained an accurate assessment of the deck displacements caused by the static and dead loads. The easy-to-use modelling capabilities and the re-use of previously defined load patterns helped enormously with this."

Václav Kvasnička, Consulting Engineer, Pontex Consulting Engineers Ltd.

Deck segment analysis for the Yi Sun Sin Bridge

  • Linear static analysis and optimisation of steel box girder deck segments for what, when constructed was the 4th longest suspension bridge in the world.

Using LUSAS, all webs, flanges, ribs and other small members in the 6 metre long deck segment were modelled. From the detailed LUSAS analysis it was seen that the main structural behaviour was in the transverse direction, and, as result, it was seen that the initial diaphragm design needed to be strengthened.

Redesign of Estero Parkway Flyover

  • Steel box girder redesign of a two-span bridge resulting in large construction cost savings for the client.
"The use of LUSAS helped us meet our design deadline and to prove an alternative bridge design that will ultimately save the client a great deal of money in construction costs."

Craig Finley, President, Finley Engineering Group, Inc

Advancing Segmental Bridge Technology

  • Analysis and optimization of post-tensioned precast concrete bridge segments
"LUSAS Bridge has been a great tool for us on this project. It allowed us to produce a design that has major benefits for the client and contractor. We would recommend its use to others wanting to enhance their in-house design and analysis capabilities".

Craig Finley, President, Finley Engineering Group Inc.

Wichita's Riverfront Footbridges

  • Staged erection analysis of two complex post-tensioned bridge structures involving 3D linear and nonlinear analysis and cable tensioning optimisation.
"We used LUSAS Bridge exclusively for the erection engineering of the Wichita Bridges and obtained excellent correlation between the on-site cable stayed measurements and the values that LUSAS predicted for lift-off"

Dr. David Byers, President, Genesis Structures

Bridge assessment of box girder diaphragms with weak welds

  • Nonlinear yield check analysis of box girder crossheads on viaduct structures proving strengthening work was unnecessary


Approach viaduct design for the Vasco da Gama bridge

  • Calculation of reinforcement quantities for prestressed concrete diaphragms under seismic loading


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